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It’s nice to see love change in flight

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Just like the wings of a dove,

And how you love and hold each night

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a smile so sweet

That is sent from heaven above,

And when your feelings continue to repeat

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a couple so dear

Who can give each other a shove?

In thick or thin

Whether far or near

Deep in the arms of love.



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Goodbye my love

It’s time to leave,

The language of love that we once knew;

For what I had said

And done believe

That long ago I did love you.

Another person came on the scene

And pushed us both apart,

And messed for us

What may have been

This gave to me a broken heart.

I sit alone and wonder why

That this could have happened to me,

And while all alone I often cry

For the love alone I no longer see.

So now I go along my way

For the love between us

Is now dead,

As now there is not a word I can say

For the heartaches are here

With the words that we said.



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Strange Love (True Blood)

Strange Love (True Blood) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will laugh with you and not at you,

I will offer you support,

and never turn you away from me.

I will forever love you

And give you no reason to hate me.

I will always think about you,

And never forget you in my busy day.

I will hold you close by me,

And never abandon your feelings.

I will live in our world,

And not get side tracked within my own world.

I will give you all that I can give you,

And never ever take it away from you.

I will put all of my trust in you

And share with you all that I am,

I will not take anything away from you.

I will open doors for you

And never ever shut you out,

I will never argue with you,

but reason with you

When you find yourself in that difficult lonely place.

I would like for you to be a part of my life

And not expect that as a partner it is your duty.

I will not possess you or control you

But instead,

like what is natural between us to grow stronger.

If you love me

It is because of the way that you feel towards me,

It is not because

It is something that I wanted

Or the way I would want it to be.


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We all have the right to be loved

No matter what age?

Or what sex.

The feeling of knowing how special we are

Where love, truth and honesty reflect.

The joining together of two people

Yet being together as one,

With dreams, fun laughter and harmony,

Need never seem like it has gone.

To share all your warmth all your time

And to feel totally safe

And content deep within,

A true meaning of enjoying all of your life

Where dreams, hopes, desires begin.

Being contented when just falling asleep

With arms around you tight and secure,

Watching over you my sweetheart tonight.

Making you safe, happy and loved ever more.

I hold out my love to you sweetheart

Never ever take them away

Never part,

As I hold you so closely to me

As I offer you love from my heart.


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There is nothing more beautiful in this life

Than the sweet gentle smile of a child,

The presence of innocence

The joys to be wild.

The love that they give you

In their childish ways,

From the day of their birth

To the ending of days.

The knowing they’re loved and protected

To keep them safe in the world that they know,

When capturing their childhood memories

In pictures and thoughts that will grow.

The laughter in playtime encounters

And comforts in mishaps they share,

Tomfoolery and tricks played on you

Is a child’s life we all bare?

We grasp at their tantrums and behaviours

As a learning to understand their ways,

As we encourage them to learn our teachings

In which we give all of our love

And all of our praise.

When they hurt we find we hurt with them

And comfort them so lovingly mild,

There is nothing more beautiful in today’s life

Than the sweet gentle smile of a child.


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I cannot control what the angels give

A heart to love, a mind to live,

The pleasant company we seek each day

Which keeps on appearing?

And which is put in our way.

The friendly chat with someone who cares,

With open minds, and feelings which dares;

To go beyond mind body and soul

To capture your dreams

And make it your goal.

To feel lost and so lonely

When you are not there,

With heart strings pulling

That shows me you care.

As you lift up my life

And make it so real,

With thoughts that you give

Rather than try to steal.

Where I will open my arms

To tell you it’s fine,

To feel lost and confused

When walking a fine line.

When being together we unite as one

Where shadows and doubt

Have finally gone.

Where together we enjoy

This life that we live,

This just goes to show us

What the angels give.

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As Delicate As My Feelings For You

As Delicate As My Feelings For You (Photo credit: Lotus Carroll)

You used to say you loved me

And you used to say you cared,

Your love for me was very strong

Of that I was aware.

And yet you turned and left me

To find somebody new,

You give to them what you gave to me

How could you say you were true?

You just don’t know what love is

or how it breaks your heart,

When the one you love has left you

And you feel like you are miles apart.

But although I miss you day by day

And my feelings for you are still true,

The words that are still locked in my mind

Is my darling

‘I still love you?’

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