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It’s nice to see love change in flight

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Just like the wings of a dove,

And how you love and hold each night

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a smile so sweet

That is sent from heaven above,

And when your feelings continue to repeat

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a couple so dear

Who can give each other a shove?

In thick or thin

Whether far or near

Deep in the arms of love.



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Goodbye my love

It’s time to leave,

The language of love that we once knew;

For what I had said

And done believe

That long ago I did love you.

Another person came on the scene

And pushed us both apart,

And messed for us

What may have been

This gave to me a broken heart.

I sit alone and wonder why

That this could have happened to me,

And while all alone I often cry

For the love alone I no longer see.

So now I go along my way

For the love between us

Is now dead,

As now there is not a word I can say

For the heartaches are here

With the words that we said.



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There is nothing more beautiful in this life

Than the sweet gentle smile of a child,

The presence of innocence

The joys to be wild.

The love that they give you

In their childish ways,

From the day of their birth

To the ending of days.

The knowing they’re loved and protected

To keep them safe in the world that they know,

When capturing their childhood memories

In pictures and thoughts that will grow.

The laughter in playtime encounters

And comforts in mishaps they share,

Tomfoolery and tricks played on you

Is a child’s life we all bare?

We grasp at their tantrums and behaviours

As a learning to understand their ways,

As we encourage them to learn our teachings

In which we give all of our love

And all of our praise.

When they hurt we find we hurt with them

And comfort them so lovingly mild,

There is nothing more beautiful in today’s life

Than the sweet gentle smile of a child.


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I cannot control what the angels give

A heart to love, a mind to live,

The pleasant company we seek each day

Which keeps on appearing?

And which is put in our way.

The friendly chat with someone who cares,

With open minds, and feelings which dares;

To go beyond mind body and soul

To capture your dreams

And make it your goal.

To feel lost and so lonely

When you are not there,

With heart strings pulling

That shows me you care.

As you lift up my life

And make it so real,

With thoughts that you give

Rather than try to steal.

Where I will open my arms

To tell you it’s fine,

To feel lost and confused

When walking a fine line.

When being together we unite as one

Where shadows and doubt

Have finally gone.

Where together we enjoy

This life that we live,

This just goes to show us

What the angels give.

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My friend and me

My friend and me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend is someone you can turn to,

and not be judged by

someone you can confide in and trust whole heartedly.

Someone who is equally as close as a sister

and is warming as a mother,

someone you can share all the good times with,

as well as the bad that may come.

Someone who is there for you,

when all around has forgotten you,

And someone who is a lifeline at the end of a telephone.

Someone who will share a problem with you,

and take time to sort it out,

someone you can laugh with and not laugh at.

Someone you can spoil,

and expect nothing back in return.

Someone who will look out for you

when you are not strong enough to look out for yourself.

To protect you from outside influences,

and to tender your needs when you are ill.

Someone who is not afraid to give,

and never expect to take,

someone who will help you in decisions which are confusing.

Someone who is not afraid to receive a hug and a kiss

and someone who you can utter the words I love you,

as only they can understand the reason for your actions.

Friends are people with whom you share everything with

and give each other true respect.

Someone who is not afraid to speak their own mind to you.

I am one of the lucky ones

as I have a friend.

And I am even luckier to say

that I have a much needed –

True Friend.

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Colouring pencils Français : Crayons de couleu...

Colouring pencils Français : Crayons de couleur Español: Lápices de colores Nederlands: Kleurpotloden Italiano: Matite colorate ไทย: ดินสอสี ‪中文(繁體)‬: 彩色鉛筆 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the love that we share and the knowing it’s true

Our dreams and desires

Ask you to colour me blue.

And as I love you my sweetheart, with words I do say,

And ask you to accept them

So you colour my love grey.

When we experience playful encounters, and have time to think,

I will hold you close by me,

As you colour our love pink.

With the days we hold dearly, when our love is so bright,

Then with memories and thoughts,

I ask to colour our love white.

If my love ever seems distant, with words I have said,

Then my heart tells me sweetheart,

To colour our love red.

And I know that at times, we will become silent and mellow,

If this is the case dear,

Then colour our love yellow.

In our sentiments and best wishes, and constant affection to dream,

I will hand you the pen my love

To colour our love green.

And should I ever hurt you, or wrong you when there is no turning back,

Then I ask you dear sweetheart,

To colour our love black.

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English: Still waters Not running too deep in ...

English: Still waters Not running too deep in the lower reaches of the Afon Gwaun as it heads for the sea a mile or so downstream from here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still waters run deep

In the trials of our minds,

With the battles and challenges we strive to complete.

With memories gone by

In the shadows of our past,

And with the hopes of our future

We all seem to grasp.

Still waters run deep

With the pain and the knowing,

That life’s hurdles thrown at us

Are here to remind us;

What we once had, how we once lost,

How we now live, and how we now love.

Still waters run deep

As we are reminded of that first kiss,

Your wonderful smile

Your gift of love;

The fact that you remain to be who you are.

Still waters run deep

With the meaning of life

With the knowledge that each breath gives us reason to be,

Reason to share

And reason to forsake.

Still waters run deep

With the memories of loss

And the faith of rebirth,

That wraps its heavenly arms

Around our gentle souls.

To caress us and love us

And to protect us from doubt.

Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep.

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