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Dear Lord, you gave in 1961,

a life to me, a life of one,

With this my own which leaves to say,

you gave to me you take away.

Let’s not be judged by book

or cover or what we hold inside,

For who are we to judge each other

or take a different side?

You gave to me a body complete,

so perfect in every way,

So now I shall do my very best

and make you happier each day.

I thank thee Lord for making me,

one whole and not one half,

I thank thee Lord for making me,

without ligaments torn apart.

Although I know I may have been born blind

And so unable not to see,

You to me were very kind.

Oh Lord

I do thank thee.


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Goodbye my love

It’s time to leave,

The language of love that we once knew;

For what I had said

And done believe

That long ago I did love you.

Another person came on the scene

And pushed us both apart,

And messed for us

What may have been

This gave to me a broken heart.

I sit alone and wonder why

That this could have happened to me,

And while all alone I often cry

For the love alone I no longer see.

So now I go along my way

For the love between us

Is now dead,

As now there is not a word I can say

For the heartaches are here

With the words that we said.



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As Delicate As My Feelings For You

As Delicate As My Feelings For You (Photo credit: Lotus Carroll)

You used to say you loved me

And you used to say you cared,

Your love for me was very strong

Of that I was aware.

And yet you turned and left me

To find somebody new,

You give to them what you gave to me

How could you say you were true?

You just don’t know what love is

or how it breaks your heart,

When the one you love has left you

And you feel like you are miles apart.

But although I miss you day by day

And my feelings for you are still true,

The words that are still locked in my mind

Is my darling

‘I still love you?’

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When one is alone and feeling blue,

and being so confused,

you know not what you should do.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

Then ask of Our Lord for he’s always there

the sign to your question

and answer of prayer.

When one’s lost the courage to ask it of him,

you should not therefore hasten,

but try to begin.

And ask of our lady,

a woman most pure,

For there is a lady who will answer for sure.

When one is so lost,

and their hearts torn in two,

with minds which are weary,

making feelings untrue?

Then ask of the bible,

and ask through a prayer,

for no matter what asking for

Someone is there.

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Antonio Ciseri's depiction of Pontius Pilate p...

Antonio Ciseri’s depiction of Pontius Pilate presenting a scourged Christ to the people Ecce homo! (Behold the man!). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born of Mary and Joseph, in a stable in Bethlehem,

you would hold the key to our salvation.

Raised as a carpenter’s son, in a tradition you master,

but a path you would no longer keep. As heaven had a far greater path for you to follow,

From your baptism your life would transform, as you were given back to your father.

A fisher of men is who you will be known

as to spread the word of the kingdom of heaven, and the power of our true god.

With miracles performed in plenty,

as more followers come hither to see.

To hear of your stories, and watch you heal,

as you teach us the laws of our bible and of heaven.

People start to believe in you, in your love and your understanding.

Even though this love would come at a cost from someone close.

You teach us of Peter and the denial before the cock crows thrice,

and the betrayal of Judas for his worldly amount of silver.

Then came that long walk to the cross,

as with your trial you experienced hatred and fear.

From all who did not believe or understand in your teachings;

For your reason for life, and your reason for love.

For those who repented and believed in you,

their burdens you would take as your own.

The final decision of your walk with judgement cast down by Pontius Pilate,

and how the crowd favoured Barabbas instead.

A soldier of the guard made a crown of thorns,

and a crown for the king of the Jews was heard.

And then that long draining walk out of the city gates,

to that lonesome green hill so far away.

Placed on the cross with hands and feet nailed,

as a sword then pierced your side.

The day turned to night, as your life seemed to drain

as your father prepared you for heaven.

And with your last breath you forgive those who have done this,

for the love of man and the love of your flock.

It was your rights of birth,

to be the sole wearer of the crown of thorns,

As this represents our Lord, King of Heaven,

and the thorns reminds us of the pain you suffered to set us free.

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Dear father

I look up to you for working all of your life.

And for helping mother bring me up on the right side,

through all of your troubles and all of your strife.

Dear father

You are so gentle and kind

And so special to me in every way.

And dear father

You are never ever far from my mind,

As I think of you with each and every new day.

Dear father

But now that I am all grown up

and with memories deep,

Although I have left home,

where I find myself miles apart.

All of our treasures I get to keep.

Because dear father you are still in my heart.

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The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting up in my bed crying,

when all of a sudden I saw a light.

The light came nearer and nearer,

I soon saw that it was the light of a Blessed Angel.

“Why are you sad my child?” The Angel said.

“Because I am lonely and I miss my sweetheart.” I answered.

The Angel then reached down then grabbed me by the hand,

Together we soared to the edges of the heavens and the earth.

“Behold! I show you all of heaven and earth, and this is how much you are loved.” Spoke the Angel.

With that we returned back to my bedroom where I was still crying.

“After showing you all that you are loved, why my child do you still cry?”

“Because the one I love is not next to me.” I answered

The Angel pointed to my heart,

where looking down I felt her heavenly touch.

The Angel then said. “So long as you hold the one that you love close to your heart, with the knowledge that your love is as strong as the heavens and earth. You will never be lonely.”

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