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I cannot control what the angels give

A heart to love, a mind to live,

The pleasant company we seek each day

Which keeps on appearing?

And which is put in our way.

The friendly chat with someone who cares,

With open minds, and feelings which dares;

To go beyond mind body and soul

To capture your dreams

And make it your goal.

To feel lost and so lonely

When you are not there,

With heart strings pulling

That shows me you care.

As you lift up my life

And make it so real,

With thoughts that you give

Rather than try to steal.

Where I will open my arms

To tell you it’s fine,

To feel lost and confused

When walking a fine line.

When being together we unite as one

Where shadows and doubt

Have finally gone.

Where together we enjoy

This life that we live,

This just goes to show us

What the angels give.


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The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting up in my bed crying,

when all of a sudden I saw a light.

The light came nearer and nearer,

I soon saw that it was the light of a Blessed Angel.

“Why are you sad my child?” The Angel said.

“Because I am lonely and I miss my sweetheart.” I answered.

The Angel then reached down then grabbed me by the hand,

Together we soared to the edges of the heavens and the earth.

“Behold! I show you all of heaven and earth, and this is how much you are loved.” Spoke the Angel.

With that we returned back to my bedroom where I was still crying.

“After showing you all that you are loved, why my child do you still cry?”

“Because the one I love is not next to me.” I answered

The Angel pointed to my heart,

where looking down I felt her heavenly touch.

The Angel then said. “So long as you hold the one that you love close to your heart, with the knowledge that your love is as strong as the heavens and earth. You will never be lonely.”

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