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Trick or Treating 2007

Trick or Treating 2007 (Photo credit: jamesfleeting)

Halloween is upon us,


go search for your broom,


Dress up in the witching hour


Excite in the full moon.


With goblins and ghouls that are plenty


Which come in all shapes and all forms?


With bobbing apples and candy pops


Where children loosen candy corn.


With let’s go trick or treating


On this one special night of the year,


To fill up their candy bags a plenty


Of madness and Halloween cheer.


For this is a night to remember


With pictures and movies to make,


And making use of this special evening


By sneaking sugar sticks in mothers pumpkin cake.



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This is still very much a traditional and classic English Christmas pudding, but without the nuts and peel. This is suitable for those who either do not like nuts and peel, or have allergies towards them. If you do like nuts and peel, then add them to the recipe as a quantity of 8oz each.

Serves 16 – 404 calories per serving


8oz – 225g Sultanas

8oz – 225g RaisinsThe way it should be

8oz – 225g Currents

8oz – 225g Fresh White Breadcrumbs

8oz – 225g Plain Flour

8oz – 225g Dark Brown Sugar

3oz Peel (optional to taste)

1 Medium Eating Apple

8oz – 225g Shredded Suet

2 Large Eggs

flaming christmas pudding

flaming christmas pudding (Photo credit: Steve A Johnson)

1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice

1 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg

Pinch of Salt

8 Tablespoons of Milk

Brandy optional and to taste.

(For a more traditional pudding and for those who like nuts and peel add these to taste)


Wash fruit thouroughly before mixing to get all the scum from the fruit.

Put sultanas, raisins and currents in a large mixing bowl.

Stir in breadcrumbs. Sift flour. Stir in sugar & peel. Core & grate an apple into the bowl.

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rathe...

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Add shredded suet with beaten eggs, spices & salt. Mix well to a soft consistency with the milk.

Turn mixture into two 2lb – 1kg pudding basins & cover.

Cover with foil and tie.

Boil puddings for 4 hours keeping the pan topped up with plenty of boiling water.

On the day of serving boil for a further 2 hours to ensure cooked and hot.

For a vegetarian Christmas pudding, use vegetable suet.

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