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English: Nature's Symmetry Three trees in a fi...

English: Nature’s Symmetry Three trees in a field at Blakeshall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The birds are singing

They call out your name,

The blossom is in full bloom

I smell your presence.

The sun is shining through my window,

I feel your warmth.

With all this nature surrounding me,

I am closer to you than you think.



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Dear Lord, you gave in 1961,

a life to me, a life of one,

With this my own which leaves to say,

you gave to me you take away.

Let’s not be judged by book

or cover or what we hold inside,

For who are we to judge each other

or take a different side?

You gave to me a body complete,

so perfect in every way,

So now I shall do my very best

and make you happier each day.

I thank thee Lord for making me,

one whole and not one half,

I thank thee Lord for making me,

without ligaments torn apart.

Although I know I may have been born blind

And so unable not to see,

You to me were very kind.

Oh Lord

I do thank thee.

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It’s nice to see love change in flight

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding

Romantic Couple Proposal for Wedding (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Just like the wings of a dove,

And how you love and hold each night

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a smile so sweet

That is sent from heaven above,

And when your feelings continue to repeat

Deep in the arms of love.

It’s nice to see a couple so dear

Who can give each other a shove?

In thick or thin

Whether far or near

Deep in the arms of love.


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Goodbye my love

It’s time to leave,

The language of love that we once knew;

For what I had said

And done believe

That long ago I did love you.

Another person came on the scene

And pushed us both apart,

And messed for us

What may have been

This gave to me a broken heart.

I sit alone and wonder why

That this could have happened to me,

And while all alone I often cry

For the love alone I no longer see.

So now I go along my way

For the love between us

Is now dead,

As now there is not a word I can say

For the heartaches are here

With the words that we said.



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Baby using inhaler and spacer.

Baby using inhaler and spacer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is so hard living a life with asthma, with medication to help sustain life.

As your lungs close up and tighten, with a pain that cuts like a knife.

As I awake with my lungs very empty, as I reach for an inhaler to breathe

Two puffs of the blue the same with the red, as I now wait to be relieved.

With allergens and dander’s a life’s nightmare, and with aerosols and a world full of dust,

Gives my asthma inconsiderable problems, where medication I know is a must.

No longer can I run or exercise, for I am aware of my asthmatic life,

For the long lonely days that I give in to rest, with medications giving me strife.

As I sit in my window watching others play, and come back

From the earliest of morning, and most of the day,

As for me I make sure my inhalers are ready

In case of that dreaded asthma attack.

Of the days that are too bad, I get steroids to take

And for me to battle on each and every day,

With antibiotics to help my body awake

In a lifestyle of inhalers, that’s my road and my way.

With the wheezing and breathing taking its toll on my day

As I hold my hands tightly, where on knees I do pray,

For my day to go smoothly and for medications to kick in

As I see my friends playing in a game I can’t join in.

But I am lucky in having no wires to plug in

Of oxygen masks or further battles to begin

As I just rely on the thing I know best

And not over exhort my body, but give it some rest.

So now to my bed with one final will,

That my asthma relaxes, with my nightly breathing pill

And to gives me the strength to get me through this long night,

And hope that my asthma

Will give up its fight.


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Trick or Treating 2007

Trick or Treating 2007 (Photo credit: jamesfleeting)

Halloween is upon us,


go search for your broom,


Dress up in the witching hour


Excite in the full moon.


With goblins and ghouls that are plenty


Which come in all shapes and all forms?


With bobbing apples and candy pops


Where children loosen candy corn.


With let’s go trick or treating


On this one special night of the year,


To fill up their candy bags a plenty


Of madness and Halloween cheer.


For this is a night to remember


With pictures and movies to make,


And making use of this special evening


By sneaking sugar sticks in mothers pumpkin cake.


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Strange Love (True Blood)

Strange Love (True Blood) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will laugh with you and not at you,

I will offer you support,

and never turn you away from me.

I will forever love you

And give you no reason to hate me.

I will always think about you,

And never forget you in my busy day.

I will hold you close by me,

And never abandon your feelings.

I will live in our world,

And not get side tracked within my own world.

I will give you all that I can give you,

And never ever take it away from you.

I will put all of my trust in you

And share with you all that I am,

I will not take anything away from you.

I will open doors for you

And never ever shut you out,

I will never argue with you,

but reason with you

When you find yourself in that difficult lonely place.

I would like for you to be a part of my life

And not expect that as a partner it is your duty.

I will not possess you or control you

But instead,

like what is natural between us to grow stronger.

If you love me

It is because of the way that you feel towards me,

It is not because

It is something that I wanted

Or the way I would want it to be.


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