It was now November; and Rebecca was two years old. The doctor told mother that they wanted to refer Rebecca to hospital for a bone marrow aspirate. This panicked mother, as she had never heard of such a thing; and all she could think about, was would her precious little Rebecca going to be alright. It was a worry for all of us, but somehow my father managed to keep my head above water, as he kept his feelings inside so as not to make a situation seem worse.

When we arrived at the hospital, we made sure that Rebecca had settled in nicely, as I began playing with her on the bed we had both sat on, much to the annoyance of the Matron; who did not want us to mess up the bed at such an early time of day. Then the doctor came around to speak to my mother about wanting to do further tests on Rebecca.

“There are two different types of leukemia Mrs Daniels. Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells, and it is these blood cells which fight infection; hence why your daughter has been poorly so much, with her catching infections easily.” He told my mother.

My mother then began to cry, as the realisation of Rebeccaa’s condition had begun to set in. It was then that another mother on the ward came over to mother, and reassured her that things would be fine; and that Rebecca was in good hands. The doctor then continued to explain to her, the importance of her having further tests.

“There are two different types of white blood cells Mrs Daniels; lymphoid and myeloid. Normally these cells which are produced in the bone marrow, which repair and reproduce themselves in an orderly and controlled way. In leukemia however, the process gets out of control and the cells continue to divide, but no longer matures. Until we can get a sample of rebecca’s bone marrow, we will not know how to go forward with treatment.”

Mother was very distraught by this time, and I was glad that she had the other mother there with her, because I did not know what to do; and I had never heard of leukemia before. No one had told me what was wrong with my sister, apart from hearing little bits when i eaves dropped. I did not know the severity of Rebecca’s condition; and every time I tried to ask mother, I was told by the other mother’s that she would tell me later. Later on in the day, my father came to the hospital to get an update on Rebecca; and to see how things were. It was then he told me that we had best go home, after he called me his little princess. We left the hospital after I gave Rebecca a kiss and told her to be good for the nurses; and then father and I went to go and get something to eat, before heading back home and getting ready for bed. I jumped into bed, and father comforted me; telling me not to get too upset. I felt safe, and knew my father would always protect Becca and me; and to be able to lie next to him and know he was there soon calmed me down from crying.

“Daddy, what is wrong with Becca?” I asked

“Rebecca has leukemia Amanda.” He replied, as he cleared his throat and then held my hand.

“What is leukemia?” I asked

“Sorry Amanda, but there is no easy way to explain this to you. Rebecca has cancer. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood sweetheart, and the hospital are doing there best to help your sister get better.” He replied, now in a flood of tears, as he cried uncontrollable

I then turned to father, where I placed my head into his chest and cried my eyes out. Telling him that maybe they had got it wrong, and it was just another chest infection she had caught. My father then telling me that he wished it was so easy as that, as he too cried as he held me tight. This was the first time that my father had cried in front of me, and it was the first time; but not the last that we comforted each other. The next day when father drove me to the hospital, i walked over to mother and gave her the biggest of hugs; as I told her I knew what was going on, as daddy had told me the night before. I told her that I loved her very much, as well as Rebecca; and that I would always be there for them. Mother then told me that I was a very special young lady, and then told me to dry my eyes as the doctor was due to call in on her. When he arrived, he explained to mother that the procedure had gone well, and they were just waiting for the results to come back from the lab.

“Mrs Daniels, Rebecca has acute lymphoblastic leukemia; also known as ALL. This is an overproduction of immature lymphoblastic cells called lymphoblasts, or blast cells.” He told her

“Ok; and what do these cells do doctor?” Mother asked

“Mrs Daniels, the immature cells fill up with bone marrow, and then stop it from making healthy blood cells. As these cells are immature, they cannot work properly and this puts the child at an increased risk of infection, as we have already seen these past few months. Symptoms like bruising on the body, and anaemia are caused by the bone marrow’s inability to make enough healthy red cells and platelets.” he replied to her.

“And what about treatment doctor, will my little girl be ok?” Mother asked again, now beginning to cry as she was trying to take things in.

“There are different types of childhood leukemia, and these are identified according to the lymphoid cell affected; and of course the stage during its development, at which time it becomes acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The affected lymphocytes may be either precursor or mature.” he again explained, which had mothers head spinning like crazy, as she told the doctor she did not understand.

“Prescursor cell leukemias, may involve either two types of lymphocyte. B-cells or T-cells. B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia is further divided into three catorgories; null-cell, common acute lymphoblastic leukemia; and pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Common acute lymphoblastic leukemia, is the most common type of childhood leukemia accounting for up to 70 per cent of cases. Knowing which type of acute lymphoblastic leukemia Rebecca has is very important, as it helps us work out the best treatment for her.” he told her.

Mother was now in a panic, as her only concern was that of Rebecca being able to survive this; as she asked him if she was going to be ok. The doctor told her that we were not in to 1960’s where it was uncurable; as we have progressed since then, and that it is a well known fact that the survival rate of children in Rebecca’s condition is almost 70%. That survival is highest in children who are diagnosed between the ages of 1 and 4 years of age. Mother then asked about treatment for rebecca; and again the doctor told her it all depended on the condition and stage of Rebecca’s leukemia.

After a long wait at the hospital, the doctor finally came around to see mother, and it was there that he gave her the diagnosis. He told her that it was confirmed that Rebecca had acute lymphoblastic leukemia; and that they would be starting treatment the following day. Mother asked about the treatment, and how long it would take; where the doctor explained that 75% of children can now be successfully treated, and that treatment is long and gruelling. Her treatment would last for about 2 years, and she would be started on a combination of chemotherapy drugs and steroid medicines; which will be given to her in stages. Mother then asked if the treatment would work, where the doctor told her that they did not know until they tried. As the initial aim of the treatment is to achieve what is known as a state of remission. The state where most of the leukemia cells have been killed; which allows the production of normal blood cells to once again resume.

Rebecca was put on her first stage of treatment, which involved several drugs in combination, and would usually last between three and eight weeks, depending on how quickly Rebecca responds to her treatment. Then they would have to leave it for a while, so that Rebecca’s body could be given time to recover, which would minimise the risk of treatment related complications. We were told that Rebecca would be tired at first, but she would soon be well enough to resume her normal everyday activities; and if she was at school, then they would have no problem with her returning. She would be closely monitored by the hospital at this stage. She was also advised that there could be side affects, and the most common one’s included vomiting and nausea, hair loss, reduced resistance to infection, some bruising and bleeding; and of course tiredness and looseness of the bowels. Mother flipped out at that stage as she told the doctor that it was not a lot to worry about then.

Over the coming months, Rebecca had a favourite nurse called nurse Rosie, who was always there to help. Rebecca often called her Rosie, which she did not mind, and when she came into the room Rebecca was always the first to run into her arms. When she was ready for her treatment, it was Rosie who was with us throughout, as she put us all at ease. Rebecca was a natural, as this did not affect her. She was much stronger than mother and I, as we had to hide our feelings; yet Rebecca took each procedure without complaint, and it was Rebecca who made us feel alright with her bravery and strength that she had.


***This is only part of the chapter, just so you can get a feel for the story.


A few times that we went to visit our grandparents, April and Greg would come down with us; to give their mother that much needed space of having to work late, and not having to worry too much about her children. It was not as though their grandparents could not look after them, it was more the fact they lived too far away; as they lived in Hemel Hempstead. My grandparents liked them both, as they were never any trouble; and grandma always used to say that they were well behaved and good mannered. This weekend though we were going to go to Ramsgate without them, as it was the usual family summer holiday, and it was time to relax and not think of school.

Rebecca had been a little bit poorly over the last few weeks, starting with a fever and a rattley chest. Mother put it down to a chest infection, which was confirmed by her doctor; and she was told that she would be fine in a few days time. So with enough medication to last us for the holiday, we went to visit our grandparents.

This holiday was a little different to the others I had, and it was not just because I had a sister now. Rebecca had come down with a few chest problems of late, and she was spending a considerable amount of time just sleeping. So on this holiday, I was looked after by father and grandpa a lot, so mother and grandma could look after Rebecca.

Father and grandpa did also help mother, by taking over to give them a break; so that I also could spend time with them whilst they did manly things; but mother was so like grandma who was very protective of Rebecca. Being old fashioned like grandma, she often placed a mustard plaster onto Rebecca’s chest, as well as reach for a very old book which had lots of grandma’s medicine recipes inside. Whilst mother and grandma were fussing over Rebecca, father and grandpa asked me if I wanted to go into town with them.

I jumped at the offer, because otherwise I would have had to stay in the back garden all day. It was a strange two weeks this time around, as I hardly played with Rebecca; as mother and grandma kept her warm and inside all the time. Some days I would just sit in the lounge, and whilst Rebecca was on the sofa, I would let her play with one of my dolls, as I sat next to her and we played contently.

On our return from visiting our grandparents, Rebecca was not her usual self, as she looked rather pale and was always very tired. Mother was beginning to get more worried at this point, as Rebecca had only just got over a chest infection, and now something else seemed to have hit her like a tonne of bricks.

Rebecca had got yet another fever, and at first thought that maybe it was the weather being too hot for her, as we were in the middle of a heatwave. When we got home, mother phoned the doctor to make an appointment, and she was able to get in the following day. She was advised to keep her cool overnight, and not to place her where there may be any sort of draught. The next day when mother took Rebecca to the doctors, the doctor put it down to yet another chest infection, as she was also now having breathing problems. Mother thought that she may have had asthma, as her breathing was very erratic, but that was soon dismissed.

After a week of no change, my mother phoned the doctor again; and this time she got an emergency appointment, as by now she was quite beside herself. She constantly phoned grandma for advice, and she used to tell my mother not to worry; as i heard mother cry on the phone to her. This really did not help, as mother always worried about Rebecca; and she could not understand why she was always poorly. Like me, Rebecca had all of her vaccinations within the first year of being born, with follow ups as she got older. Mother became more concerned, as she thought that no child could catch a cold as much as Rebecca did.

When we went to the surgery, mother was surprised as it was not her usual doctor; so again had to explain everything that had been going on over the last few weeks. Mother explained about all of her chest infections, and how Rebecca had no appetite; and she had since found red blotches on her body. At first the doctor thought that she may have meningitis,and he referred her to the children’s hospital. He phoned the hospital, and mother was asked to go there right away so that they could check her over. Once we got to the hospital, Rebecca was rushed straight through; where they then took some blood for testing. After such a long wait, and whilst mother paced up and down the waiting room; her blood results had come back; and the nurse then asked her to follow her towards the doctor’s office. He told her that they had looked at her bloods, and it seemed like she had leukemia; but he wanted her to make an appointment to bring Rebecca into hospital for further testing. Mother was so beside herself, as she kept asking the doctor how and why, as her face hit her hands as she cried.

After mother saw the doctor this last time, she only had to wait for a week, before Rebecca was referred to Great Ormand Street Hospital for further tests.

** This is only part of the chapter, just so you can get a brief feel towards the story that begins to unfold

Mother and father had been discussing a holiday once the baby arrived, and had been discussing it for a few months now; as father thought it would help mother to relax a little more. Instead of our usual holiday with our grandparents, they both had decided to visit my mother’s brother in Spain. It had been many years since they had seen each other, and apart from the phone calls and letters; that was the only contact mother had with him. Father thought that this year was too soon, as Rebecca was only a few months old; so they decided to go around the Easter of the following year. Mother then asked me if I would like to go to Tenerife, to visit my uncle and aunt, as well as to finally see my cousins. I was elated with excitement as i had never been further than Ramsgate, and i was even more excited to know that I would be going on an aeroplane.

When our holiday finally came around, we had a very early start. We were booked on a 7am flight; and we had to be at Gatwick Airport by 4am. Mother said that if I was tired I could sleep on the plane, but I was far too excited to go to sleep; as this was my biggest adventure by far. As we were at the airport, mother and father went to one of the many food shops and ordered breakfast; which I had some marmalade and toast, and a drink of orange juice. After breakfast we walked around the shops on the top level, before going through the barriers where we were checked by security. Me being very inquisitive asked what they were doing, to which one man told me that thye were just making sure we did not have anything dangerous in our bags. I then began telling him about this being my first time on a plane, to which he just smiled at me. He could see that I was excited, and he told me i would have a lot of fun; and if i sat by a window i would see all the buildings become smaller, and how the clouds would look like cotton wool.

There were lots of children in the airport, and lots of noisy babies; except for Rebecca, as she was sound asleep. Mother said that she could sleep through anything, as not a lot of noises woke her; unlike me who was woken by the slightest of sounds. It was not long before we were seated on the plane; where i sat between mother and father, whilst Rebecca was in the baby holster that mother carried. Once we got settled, it was not long before the crew came around to make their final checks; as they they informed us that we were ready to depart. Now I was extreemly excited, as father had to tell me to calm down a few times; as i started to pester him. As we took off, my tummy went all fuzzy; and as i looked at my father I told him this and we both laughed. Next thing I knew, father was waking me up to tell me to fasten my belt, as we were about to land. I guess being up early did have its toll on me, as i did not remember falling asleep.

When we finally landed, and then cleared customs; we made our way to baggage, and then made our way out of the airport to where uncle was waiting for us. Once he had greeted my mother and father, he then held onto my hand, as I pulled my suitcase behind me; and then we made our way to his home which was just a short journey. He lived in a quiet part of the island called Costa Del Silencio, which he told us means The Silent Coast. When we got to his home we were welcomed by aunty, and of course three rather excited children. He introduced them as Sebastian, Antonio and finally little Gabriela.

“Hola Amanda.” The children said

“What’s hola mommy?” I asked

“Hola means hello in Spanish Amanda.” She replied

“Then why don’t they say hello in English?” I asked

Mother explained that Spanish was their first language, as English was ours. I then asked if I had to speak Spanish, and that I couldn’t because I did not know their language. It was soon cleared that they would all speak English, as that was their second language. When we made our way to the beach, I thought it was a funny colour as it was black; and I asked my father if it was dirt. He explained to me that it was volcanic rock, so instead of it being a golden sandy beach, it was black because of the volcano that made the island. We sat there for a few hours, as the adults sat down and chatted, whilst we changed to go swimming in the sea. The sea was a lot warmer than it was in Ramsgate, and it was much cleaner too. There were not many people on the beach which was nice, as uncle said it would be too crowded by the resorts; but he would take us there another day to give our parents a break. You could also see uncle’s house from where we were, as they were almost directly on the beach; but for a little road that was only used by the locals. The next little town was called Las Galletos, which mother went to look at and shop with aunty Mariana, whilst uncle Stephen and father looked after us.

Instead of eating at home, or having a picnic like Aunty Mariana had suggested, we waited for them to come back from shopping; before we all got dried off and made our way back to their home. I thought we were going to go to one of the English restaurants, that had multiple language menu’s; however, Uncle Stephen took us to their local Spanish bar, which I had no clue what they were talking about, as I only recognised the words Hola.

I loved chicken and rice, but had never had shrimp before, so this was the first time i would ever try it; although I screamed at first when I saw it on my plate. Mother had to pick up the shrimp from my plate, and then shell it for me so it looked a little less scary; and I have to say I quite enjoyed it when its legs and head was removed, as it did not look like a monster. Aunty Mariana also had to tell the boys off, as they kept picking up their shrimps and began waving them in my face to scare me. Gabriela told me that they used to do that to her, but she got her own back as she found a spider outside, and then put it down Sebastian’s neck, and then her brothers both screamed like little girls. We then just looked at each other and chuckled.

After we had eaten, we were still seated as we had another glass of cola, whilst uncle Stephen moved to the seafront wall to have a cigarette. He never liked smoking directly in front of the children, and made sure he was a distant away from them. This was also because aunty Mariana also did not smoke, and he respected her wishes when she told him to move away from us. Father never left him on his own though, as when he got up, my dad followed him and started to chat with him. Uncle Stephen and father re-joined us, when uncle then looked at us and said.

“So would you like to go to Loro Parque tomorrow?”

Sebastian, Antonio and Gabriela all shouted yes in excitement, when i then asked what Loro Parque was. Uncle then explained that it was a part that had lots of animals there, as well as sealife. It was very much like a zoo that we had in London, but with better views. Uncle Stephen told us that it had a diverse and extensive reserve of animals and plants, so it is a great attraction for all the family. I then asked if it had penguins, as they were my favourite.

Those two weeks went by very quickly indeed, and i had a very nice time with my cousins. We managed to go shopping in both Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, even though mother was pleased we were not with all the noisy English tourists.

** This is only a part of the chapter, just so you can get a brief feel for the story as it unfolds.

We had just got Christmas out of the way, and we were going to spend the New Year with grandma and grandpa. I was very excited, as it meant another Christmas tree with presents underneath; as my grandparents kept all the there waiting for us.

Throughout my childhood, he would say that Father Christmas thought that i had too many presents under my own tree; that he had to deliver them to their address, just so that he could have extra cookies and a glass of milk. It also meant another Christmas dinner and crackers, as well as games which grandpa made me laugh when we played them. Grandpa was a silly man, but he always had time to play with me; even if it meant that he was playing with my dolls; as he seemed to make me laugh no matter what. Grandma was always serious, and spent most of her time knitting. Not to say she did not play with me or enjoy me being there because she did. It was more the fact she was not as silly as grandpa, and grandma often called him a big kid, and that he should act his age. This always made mother and father laugh, as it was true, he was even sillier than my father. It was whilst I was having this New Year with my grandparents, and whilst I was sat at the dinner table, that mother made an announcement. We had just sat down to have dinner, when my father tapped his glass with his pen; and then told me to put my fork down, as i was about to start eating, as father also reminded me that before we eat we must say grace; and be thankful for what the lord has provided for us. We were not a religious family, but father always insisted that we say grace on a Sunday; and always say it whilst at our grandparents. He then made a speech for the New year, thanking them for their gifts, as well as for always being there for us. Then he ended by clearing his throat, as he said that mother had something to say. Mother then got up, and by now you could she was full of excitement.

“Come on dear, what is the surprise?” Grandpa asked, as he fidgeted just like an excited boy waiting for a bag of sweets to appear.

“We are having a new baby.” Mother told us, as my grandparents were over the moon with joy, as grandpa jumped in the air and congratulated father; before going over to congratulate mother.

“Where is the new baby mommy?” I asked, as I started to look around the lounge whilst still seated at the dining table

“The new baby is in mommy’s tummy.” She replied, as she held her tummy and gently stroked it.

“You mean you have eaten the baby mommy?” I said, now rather shocked.

“No Amanda. The baby is growing inside mommy’s tummy.” She giggled

“How did it get in your tummy mommy?” I asked

“The baby angels put it there Amanda, would you like to touch mommy’s tummy?” She told me

I put my hands together and clapped, telling my mother that I would like to touch our new baby. So I placed my hand over mother’s tummy, and then lowered my head and then with my face now touching her tummy I said.

“Hello little baby, I am your sister Amanda.”

My mother told us, that the new baby would be due to arrive by the end of June. I was so excited, that I put my arms around my mother, and told her that I loved her so much; and that I hoped she had another baby girl, so that I had a sister to play with.

During mother’s pregnancy, I had since started infant school, and was introduced to the headmistress Mrs Roberts. After all the formalities had been discussed, the headmistress looked at me and told me to say goodbye to my mother. I looked at her and gave her a kiss, as I waved and told her goodbye. There I was taken to a classroom, where I was introduced to the class teacher Miss Higgins. I was introduced to the children, who in turn all welcomed me to Miss Higgins classroom; where I then sat down besides April and Susan.

“My name is April, and this is my brother Gregory; who is also my twin.” April said.

“Hello April, my name is Amanda; and my mommy is having a baby very soon, so I hope it is a sister so I can look after her and play with her. Hello Gregory, hello Susan.” I replied, now very excited.

Once we had all been introduced, the teacher placed some books on my desk which were just for me. I had lots of books to write in, which I could also take home or leave in my desk; which was much bigger than the desks in playschool, and this time the desk was mine, and no one else would use it. I explained to April that I was so pleased I was not in Vicky Stephens class; as she was not a nice girl at all, as i explained what she did to butterflies and spiders; as well as lifting her dress up to show the boys her knickers.

“That’s so rude, my mommy would shout at me if I did anything like that.” Replied April, as Greg started to giggle.

“It is not funny Gregory, it is very rude. That is something no little girl should do, because it is not ladylike mommy said.” I replied, pointing my finger at him as though I had just told him off.

He just sank his head into his books, as he giggled a few times; as the teacher wrote some words on the chalkboard for us to copy. That was the beginning of what would become a very close friendship, as the days unfolded.

Over the coming months I saw mother’s tummy getting bigger, and noticed how uncomfortable she got at times. I helped as much as I could, by washing the dishes once we had finished dinner; and helping out again before I went out to play in the garden with April. Finally mother went into hospital to give birth to our new baby. She told me that she had a much easier birth than mine, but it was still a stressful time for her, as she felt much more drained with this pregnancy. When the baby finally arrived, she was told she had a baby girl, and that she was a beautiful baby. She cried just the once, and once placed in mother’s arms she never cried again; which was the opposite of how I was. Mother then asked me what we should call her, and I just  said Rebecca. So mother decided to call her Rebecca Louise; Louise being that of her mother’s middle name. Rebecca was born on Friday June 24th 1983; and I was so happy that I had a baby sister, because we could play girly games together and dress up, as well as playing with out dolls in the back garden.

** This is only a part of the chapter, just so you can get a brief feel for the story that unfolds.

I was told that I was a special winter baby,but also that it was a long strained birth that my mother endured. My mother told me that she was in labour for around nine hours, before I even started to show signs of coming into this world. I was a late birth, as i was supposed to have arrived on 27th December 1977, but did not surface until Tuesday January 3rd 1978.

It was a cold day on that day, when i popped my head into the world; with the nurses telling my mother that i had a good set of lungs on me, with the amount of screaming that i had been doing. Mother also told me, that as soon as i was born i was placed in her arms; in which my mother could not believe she had given birth to such a big baby. I weighed around ten pounds, and mother was told by the nurses that i was a very healthy strong child; even though I was the biggest baby born at that hospital in a few years.

We lived in a four bedroom Victorian house, which was in a quiet street in Haggerton, London. My father was born in Ramsgate, where my mother was East London born and bred; as she was born in Stepney. The first few years of my life, my mother told me that I was a very good child; as I rarely got on mother’s nerves so I was told, as father often winked at me when mother told me this story. It was only when I started to walk, did mother have to have eyes in the back of her head when I was on the move. Apparently, I was forever going into the cupboards, and made a disarray of things by throwing everything onto the floor, making quite a mess for mother. Every year we had a holiday in Ramsgate, where we visited my father’s parents. My mother’s mother dies when she was twenty years old, and her father remarried and then moved the Essex with his new wife. Her older brother Stephen, had since married a Spanish lady, and then he moved to one of the Spanish islands with her. She still has contact with him, but we never got to see him as much; which was just like her father, even though he was only in Essex and could have easily visited. My uncle Stephen never attended his dad’s wedding, as he was so set against the marriage, which mother explained that it was because he was such a mother’s boy. My father’s parents, looked upon my mother as their own child; always being there for her when she needed help and support, as my dad was their only child. There was nothing that my grandparents would not do for my mother; and you could see just how much she too loved them back. Growing up, mother never really spoke about her mother, but she always had a picture of her on top of the China cabinet; where every birthday and Christmas she would place a rose next to her picture. I did not remember those early holiday years in Ramsgate that clearly, but I do remember when I was about four year’s of age sitting on the beach with my bucket and spade; as my father and mother helped me to build sandcastles. We would go to Ramsgate at the same time every year for two weeks, which was in the industrial holidays of July and August. We would also go down on the odd weekend or so, when my parents managed to get the same days off together.

Father started his working career as a bank clerk, in one of the leading banks in Ramsgate; finally getting a managerial role in one of the company’s banks in London’s East End, where it was there that he met my mother. My mother worked for a busy ladies wear factory, in the financial department; and often would go to the bank to pay in money from her company. It was there not long after mother being seen to regularly depositing money, that my father swept her off her feet, and a few years after they were married I came along; little miss Amanda Daniels. I was told that my father was a very old fashioned man, and he courted mother for about a year before he asked her to marry him. Mother told me that every week without fail, he would bring her a bouquet of flowers; which were her favourite chrysanthemums, as well as sometimes bringing her a box of luxury chocolates. Mother also told me, that at first she thought that my father was not interested in her, as it took him so long to get his act together. It took him just over six months before he even kissed her, and she was beginning to give up on him; as she so longed for that first kiss. Mind you, i knew she was only joking, as i knew my parents were just as much in love now; as they were all those years ago, as every time we are out, they still hold hands, as father looks on like a proud peacock. I just loved those first few years going to my grandparents, and spending time on the beach with them. As well as sitting in the garden playing with my dolls, as I watched grandpa totter around in the garden; where he would stop and pull faces at me which always made me laugh.

I had started mother’s and toddler’s in the September of my fourth year, ready to get prepared for infant and junior school. I loved being in school, as I got to see a lot more children with whom I could play with, without going around to their homes to play; as I used to play with the girl next door called Vicky, who was not always a nice a nice girl.     My mother would not let me go round her house as often as i would have liked too, because one day my mother saw her pulling the wings off butterflies, and pulling the legs off spiders which mother thought was cruel. I did not mind too much however, because I did have friends at school; and I was quiet content playing in the garden with my dolls.

A Story of a child’s bravery, as she battles with childhood cancer.

Rebecca was no ordinary child, for she was indeed a very special child. She was special to her parents and to her sister Amanda; and she was special to people around her, as well as being special within the charity in which she dedicated her young life too.

Rebecca was special, because she was born with leukemia; and she never let her illness get in the way of her dreams and goals. she was special, because she was an inspiration to everyone she came into contact with, giving her time to helping others, before even thinking about helping herself. Her dedication in wanting to raise money for her cause, got her the utmost respect from her community, the hospital; as well as her chosen charity, but most of all, she got respect from her loving family who supported her in all that she did. Her bravery and strength, was heard throughout the country, as she continued to surpass people’s expectations of her capabilities; which ended up in her getting an interview on daytime television; that threw Rebecca into a world of celebrity status.

Her biggest dream was to meet Princess Diana; and with her dedication and hard work, from someone so young and yet so very poorly; her dreams were well within reach.

This is a story, of a young person dealing with a terminal illness, yet not letting this stop her from doing what she loved to do the most. Her strength was in her passion, and her passion was to look after others first.

Follow Rebecca’s story, as she continuously fights what is thrown at her; and is embraced by a nation. a story of love towards others, and a story that will tug at your heart strings; but will help you understand how to believe, and not to give up.

Nature’s Love

English: Nature's Symmetry Three trees in a fi...

English: Nature’s Symmetry Three trees in a field at Blakeshall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The birds are singing

They call out your name,

The blossom is in full bloom

I smell your presence.

The sun is shining through my window,

I feel your warmth.

With all this nature surrounding me,

I am closer to you than you think.